6 Cleveland patio bars with great views

When the weather takes a turn for the warmer in Cleveland, you take advantage of it.
There's nothing better than whiling away the evening sitting outside on a great patio bar. Here are six Cleveland patio bar locations that not only have have great outdoor seating, but great outdoor seating with an equally amazing views.
Whether you want to overlook nature or the city, this list will have you covered.

Alley Cat Oyster Bar

Alley Cat Oyster Bar (1056 Old River Road) features a ground-level and second-story patio. While many bars in the Flats boast a great waterfront view, Alley Cat enjoys a slight advantage when it comes to its height.

While the second-story patio might not be as elevated as the neighboring Margaritaville’s Landshark Roof Bar, Alley Cat is a less crowded, more elegant experience. With an extensive wine list and seafood-forward menu, it’s a perfect pairing with watching the watercraft drift by.

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The Greenhouse Tavern

We could’ve put The Greenhouse Tavern’s (2038 East 4th Street) rooftop bar on our list of hidden-away patios, but with its stellar perspective overlooking East 4th, the view won out.

Johnathan Sawyer’s locally-sourced, higher end provisions menu and separate roof bar will keep you fed and quenched. The people-watching on the street below will keep you entertained.

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The Harp

Another spot that takes advantage of overlooking Lake Erie, The Harp (4408 Detroit Ave) rests just beside the Detroit Shoreway.

A traditional Irish pub, the stone and timber structure often features live music to enjoy while you sit on the covered or uncovered back patio. While you are overlooking an active highway, The Harp still offers a stellar view of the lake from the city skyline to Lakewood beaches.

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Ah, Hoopples. One of the best views of the city, bridges and the river, located in one of the most down-to-basics bars in the city.

In business since 1981, Hoopples (1930 Columbus Rd) is one of those spots all Clevelanders need to visit once. Perched on a quiet street corner next to the Irish Bend, they’re even known to project Cavs games onto the nearby steel lift bridge. No frills, all thrills.

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Jekyll's Kitchen

When it comes to a fantastic view, you can’t beat a waterfall, right?

Jekyll’s Kitchen (17 River Street, Chagrin Falls) overlooks a natural waterfall, surrounded by lush greenery. (Unless it’s Fall or Winter. You get how seasons work.) The menu is described as “American grill”, so there’s a lot of traditional fare to enjoy while listening to the rushing water.

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Whiskey Island Still & Eatery

Whiskey Island Still & Eatery (2800 Whiskey Island) is a patio in the fact that there are a lot of picnic tables, and some of them are on cement. That’s patio enough for us, when it’s right next to the marina.

A great casual watering hole, the Still & Eatery is a perfect place to grab a bucket of beer, sit with friends (or make new friends) and party it up on the infamous isle.

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