6 hidden-away Cleveland patio bars

The weather is nice in Cleveland, and you're in the mood to go out to a local patio bar.
But what if you want a patio that's a little more tucked-away and hidden from the eyes of passerby's? Maybe you want to have a private conversation, or just not have people on the sidewalk eyeing your appetizer.
Regardless of the reason, here's some great outdoor patio spots you can get away from it all, just a little bit.

Felice Urban Cafe

Felice Urban Cafe (12502 Larchmere Blvd) has charm to spare. Their patio is located behind a turn-of-the-Century home, and surrounded by a garden.

This locally-sourced (very locally, your food or drink may contain ingredients from the garden) restaurant is like going to a dinner party that a well-heeled local is throwing. That vibe goes a long way to creating a relaxed, intimate experience.


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Guarino's Restaurant

Known as “Cleveland’s oldest restaurant”,¬†Guarino’s Restaurant (12309 Mayfield Road) has been serving the public since 1918. That old-world charm carries over to the back patio.

Located on the main drag of Little Italy, Gaurino’s patio is fenced-in and overgrown with trees and foliage. Statues of saints watch over the metal chairs and heaping servings of pasta with vino.

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Luxe Kitchen & Lounge

Luxe Kitchen & Lounge (6605 Detroit Ave) has a big, beautiful and beloved back patio. Nearly the size of the restaurants interior, this patio is full of plant life and reclaimed materials.

This Mediterranean-Italian bistro offers plenty of vegan and gluten-free options, along with a diverse cocktail list.

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Night Town

Night Town (12387 Cedar Road, Cleveland Heights) has been a well-respected music club for over 50 years, specializing in jazz performance. But did you know they have a covered patio, past the red-curtained stage?

Tidy and simple, the wood and brick walls help keep the city noise at bay, and let you relax with your drink or dinner, before or after a show.

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Prosperity Social Club

With a barroom going back to 1938, Prosperity Social Club (1109 Starkweather, Tremont) has been, in one form or another, a neighborhood fixture for a while.

The back patio has the same lived-in, funky feeling, with murals covering the old wooden fences, and patio chairs from the 1970’s. Houses are on all sides, so don’t get too crazy. The kitchen is open late, and the drinks are always flowing.

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Stone Mad Pub

Okay, so the Stone Mad Pub (1306 West 65th Street) patio does run alongside the sidewalk, but you’ll still feel hidden when you’re sitting in the middle of its rock walls.

The Irish pub has plenty of Guinness and Shepard’s pie for you to down as you sit on the Fintstone’s-style benches and tables, next to a crackling stone-chimney fireplace.


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