Apple Jax Toys – A new store bringing retro fun to Lakewood

For anyone looking for a local Cleveland toy shop that specializes in vintage fun, look no further than Apple Jax Toys, opening this weekend.

When you’re a kid, you dream of owning your own toy store. Allen Singleton, owner of the newly-opening Apple Jax Toys (13002 Madison Ave, Lakewood), turned that dream into a reality.

A long-time toy buyer and seller (he started selling G.I. Joe toys back in 1982), Singleton worked for eight years in the beloved (but now departed) Big Fun toy store in Coventry. Now he’s taking his personally-accumulated collection as well as new packaged toys and turning it into his initial stock for the store. Apple Jax Toys will initially skew primarily vintage, with it’s offering of classic playthings like Star Wars, Transformers, LEGO, and Smurfs, but his plan is to move into current toy offerings as well. A model train snakes along one of the walls, going through the mouth of He-Man’s Castle Grayskull. Sticker machines stand in a corner, ready to be loaded up with bright offerings, and a full arcade machine cabinet complete the ambiance.

Singleton stresses that this is NOT an antique shop, with an adults-only audience. He wants the business to be a true neighborhood toy store, replacing the kind of service that the now-closed Toy R Us and Kay-Bee Toys used to provide. “Toys are important”, he says.

The store will be opening its doors for the soft opening the 29th of September, from Noon until 8pm, and is welcome to all. You can find the event information at Apple Jax’s Facebook page.