Artisans’ Corner Gallery – Shining a light on local artists

Located in Newbury Ohio, Artisans' Corner Gallery provides a space for local talent of all disciplines to shine. From glasswork to weaving, oil pant to hand-carved wood, there's a piece for every taste.

Resting beside Geauga County, Newbury Ohio is like many Ohio towns. Home to farms and great stretches of nature, it’s a rural community where much remains the same. Go to the town’s center, however, and you’ll find Artisans’ Corner Gallery (11110 Kinsman Rd, Newbury) a space dedicated to locally-created art.

Housing over a hundred different Ohioan artists from all disciplines, the gallery was started in 2016 by Chuck and Barbara Gates. While the Gates’ are not artists themselves, a life-long love of all things creative and artistic led the couple to establish a place where they could give back to the community they have called home.

Gallery Manager and coordinator Monica Glasscock is responsible for overseeing the constantly-changing displays of sculpture, paintings, photographs, carvings, pottery, textile and whatever other types of media come through the Artisans’ Corner doors. The gallery operates on a consignment basis, representing the artists and helping their work to be seen by a broader audience. With thirty years of experience framing artwork, Glasscock also runs the gallery’s framing services, and proudly displays some of her own treasured pieces, such as the medals her father received during his military service.

With the holidays coming up, the gallery is preparing for their own Wintertime celebrations. This includes a festive-themed “Fourth Friday”, the store’s monthly Art & Artist open house event, on the 24th of November.

The gallery lives up to their self-describer: “The heART of it all”, helping provide an artistic escape in the middle of everyday life.