Aviation museum at Burke Lakefront wants to inspire you with 6,000 stories about women

The stories of 6,000 women of aviation are waiting to be told at the International Women's Air & Space Museum located at Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland. "We try to share the stories no one knows about," Heather Alexander, Executive Director for the museum said while standing beside an airplane built by a mother of six. "These stories serve to inspire everyone in the community."
Alexander emerges from a packed storage room with an artifact she believes can inspire,

The International Women’s Air & Space Museum at Burke Lakefront Airport preserves the history of women in aviation.

A nurse’s outfit at the museum made and worn by aviator Amelia Earhart. Before Earhart was a flyer she was a nurse during the Pandemic of 1918.

After Earhart disappeared in 1937 her mother and sister donated the nurses dress and a set of pilot’s coveralls.

The oil-stained work clothes are carefully packed in tissue paper when not on display

Amelia Earhart’s pilot’s coveralls

Aviation Museum at Burke Lakefront Airport focuses on the accomplishments of women

Tribute to the Challenger disaster for its 30th anniversary, and to the Columbia disaster for its 13th anniversary

The museum wants to use the artifacts to inspire,. "The inspirations, the achievements, the goals that these women did set, and achieved," she says admirably, "You need to set your mind and go out and achieve."

Included in the museum is the Fay Gillis Wells Research Center. The research center is available to answer questions for the public, and sometimes even for Hollywood. Alexander notes the Netflix recently called for information for an upcoming movie project.

The one of a kind lesser known Cleveland museum is located in the terminal at Burke Lakefront Airport. Free to the public the museum is open 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.