Back in 1989, this was the “Most Magnificent” McDonald’s in America

The Most Magnificent McDonald’s in America Warren, OH

There’s recently been a story about how there’s “No other McDonald’s” like the one in Independence Ohio. Their two-story, bank/theme park America chic structure is being touted as the fanciest place you can order a Big Mac.

That’s got to be quite a blow to the ego of Warren, Ohio, home of what once held the self-proclaimed “Most Magnificent McDonald’s”.

With its 1989 modernist look and windows everywhere (the main ceiling structure looked like a greenhouse containing glowing neon golden arches) and a three-tiered fountain on the front lawn, the Warren McDonald’s still stands on 162 North Road Southeast.

Like its Independence counterpart, this is a two-story affair, but the interior once held some over-the-top touches.

First of all, it’s filled with plants. All that light streaming in the windows, why not? It’s likely the healthiest breathing environment than most fast-food joints. Banners of McDonaldLand mascots like Ronald, Grimace and Early Bird hung overhead.

Name a more iconic trio.

Once you had your food in hand, you could take an elevator to sit on the second floor. But while other McDonald’s would pipe in easy-listening music to entertain you, the Warren location featured A ROBOT “MAC TONIGHT” MOON MAN PLAYING A FULL-SIZED PIANO.

This isn’t a photo from the Warren McDonald’s, but the same Mac Tonight robot used.

Remember Mac Tonight? That terrifying lounge singer mascot that would croon his love for eating hamburgers late at night? He’d pretend to tickle the ivories while you dined. He was later re-dressed as the Hamburgler, with, uh, less than appealing results.

Oh dear.

Thirty years later, those glory days are behind them. The second story has been blocked off, now used as storage. The piano is gone. The fountain has been removed. You can still eat there (anytime, it’s always been a 24 hour location), but the once-unique touches are largely gone.

This video, taken at before the location’s 2018 refurbishment, is all that’s left of the last days of the Most Magnificent McDonald’s.