“Beware The Titans” is a drink that brings smokey pineapple to Fall

With its base of rye whiskey and apricot black ice tea brightened by the taste of pineapple, "Beware the Titans" is served up by Lakewood's LBM cocktail bar.

Chilly weather descending on the city can make reaching for the bottle of rye whiskey a very appealing proposition. For when you need the taste to go down a little smoother, Lakewood’s LBM cocktail bar can mix you up a Beware the Titans. With its blend both smokey and fresh pineapple notes, and mellow fruityness of apricot black tea, Beware the Titans is has a low-key refreshment, with a final pop of peppermint.

LBM brings the spirit of black metal to Cleveland

LBM is an Nationally recognized award-winning bar that focuses on creating original twists on classic cocktails, as well as brand-new concoctions dreamed up by owners Eric Ho and John Gibian. With a decorating style of carved wood, Nordic axes and black metal imagery, this bar serves up delicate cocktails in a mead-hall setting. It’s a perfect place to warm your heart on a chilly Fall day.

You can also check out LBM’s intense (and Halloween-appropriate) Blood Eagle cocktail.