Beyond Halloween Superstore: Here’s where you can shop local for spooky supplies

You know the feeling: You want to get the jump on buying Halloween decorations, and you've exhausted your options at Halloween Superstore. The specialty aisle at Target just doesn't do it for you anymore. You want to shop local, shop specialty and shop for spooky supplies that no one else is going to have.
Here are five local stores that you can fill your cart with all things creepy, dark, spiritual, and just outright strange.

A sampling of Black Market's wares

The Black Market

A lot of people in Cleveland have a space in their black hearts for Heavy Metal music. If you have a big section in your closet for black t-shirts with unreadable lettering, you’ll love The Black Market. Along with carrying black and heavy metal music, shirts and patches, they also sell local artwork, home goods and taxidermy. Practice yoga? They feature weekly themed yoga sessions with appropriately extreme music.

5407 Detroit Ave, Cleveland

Hours: M-Closed / TU-W 12-6 / TH-SAT 12-9 / SUN 12-6

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Little friends for sale at Cleveland Curiosities

Cleveland Curiosities

We’ve shone a spotlight on Cleveland Curiosities before, but for those unfamiliar, this store carries a wide assortment of medical oddities, taxidermy, vintage funeral supplies and original art. If you need that elusive “preserved lizard in a jar” or “human skull” or “full sized wicker casket”, this is the place for you.

13375 Madison Ave, Lakewood

Hours: M-TU Closed / W-SAT 11-7 / SUN 12-5

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Coven in Lakewood


Coven opened this Summer in Lakewood, and carries, as described by the store’s website: “Magical Provisions For The Modern Feminist Witch Catering to modern, new and experienced witches.” Plenty of herbs, powers and candles on hand to create your personalized intention candle, mojo bag or “full moon spell”. They also run Tarot card readings in conjunction with the Side Quest bar nearby every Tuesday from 8Pm – 10PM.

1384 Bonnieview Ave, Lakewood

Hours: M Closed / TU-W 12-6 / TH-SAT 12-9 / SUN 12-6

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The Monkey & The Mummy's Thrift Crypt

If you can’t trust a simian in sunglasses and the living dead, who can you trust? The Mummy & the Monkey’s Thrift Crypt is another Lakewood (what is it with this neighborhood?) establishment where you can find toys, clothes, home goods and other ephemera that focuses on horror movies and the generally “unusual”. You can find the duo hosting movies and haunting movie conventions when they aren’t tending register.

13349 Madison Ave, Lakewood

Hours: M – TU Closed / W 12-7 / TH Closed / F-SAT 12-7 / SUN Closed

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All your magick-forward needs at New Moon

New Moon

The newly re-opened New Moon in Lakewood (Lakewood is a real one-stop neighborhood for witches) is less about the spooky and decorative, and more about providing psychic and spiritual services to the curious and converted. In-house Tarot card readers, light healers and ghost hunters are all on-hand (some by appointment).

15729 Madison Ave, Lakewood

Hours: M Closed / TU-TH 10-7 / SAT 10-7 / SUN Closed

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Pugsley's Room has a little something for every ghoul's taste

Pugsley's Room

Pugsley’s Room is a little tough to find, but worth it. This catch-all store of spooky and spooky-adjacent items is located near the 78th Street Studios. With animal skulls, weird books, jewelry, art and medical items for your shopping pleasure, stop in and indulge your inner Addam’s Family.

1305 W 80th St, Cleveland

Hours: M-TU Closed / W-SAT 12-7 / SUN 12-4

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