Buy a crystal Cleveland Browns helmet with that $10,000 you have lying around

Have you ever been watching a Cleveland Browns game, and wished it was a little more…glamorous?

In what is most likely one of the only football collectibles that you could describe as “shimmering and sparkly”, the crystal Cleveland Browns helmet has arrived.

Available from the Cleveland Browns Shop website, this official Riddell football helmet has been inlaid with over 7,200 Swarovski crystals from Austria.  Needless to say, this helmet won’t be seeing the gridiron anytime soon. Instead, you can place it in the “museum quality display case” (included!), complete with rotating turntable and LED lights. By the simple act of placing this in your den, you can change a room from “Mancave” to “Mancave with a helmet that looks like something Richie Rich would wear”.

If you’re planning on picking a couple up for yourself and Christmas presents, be aware that this luxury piece comes with a hefty price tag. Each handmade helmet costs $9,999. (But hey, shipping is free)

If that sounds a little pricey for you, consider the alternative: The Swarovski crystal Browns football.

That’s right, with a lighter pricetag ($4,999), the football features a thousand less crystals at half the cost. And you still get that cool display case!

So go on! Take out that second mortgage and pick up a little gift for that Browns fan who has everything.