There’s a doll-sized “haunted” Franklin Castle from Bradford Exchange

Photo: The Bradford Exchange website

Franklin Castle – supposedly one of Ohio’s (and America’s) “most haunted” buildings – is now available to purchase in an adorable ceramic form.

Franklin Castle (also known as the Tiedemann House) is a Victorian stone home, built in 1881. It lives at 4308 Franklin Boulevard in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood. The impressive structure is rumored to have a history of unexplained deaths and shady goings-on, all fueled by local legends and people’s claims of feeling “spooked” when within the castle walls.

The house, which has been featured on episodes of Paranormal Lockdown, and most recently on Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, can now grace your fireplace mantel, train set town, or anywhere else you want to “haunt up”.

The Bradford Exchange, a company most known for it’s wholesome all-American music boxes, ceramics, and ornaments, has included Franklin Castle in its “America’s Most Haunted” Illuminated Village Collection.

The 4-inch-tall version of the spooky landmark features glowing windows, a mysterious figure in the window, and a landscape that’s permanently Halloween-time. The castle retails on the Bradford Exchange website for $59.95. The catch? For now, it’s part of a series of tiny haunted houses you subscribe to, with Franklin being the second in the series, after the Amityville House. But hey, you can never have too many murder-themed knick-knacks, right?

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