Can you handle the 5-pound burger challenge?

At the Main Street Saloon in Akron, you can get a 5 pound hamburger for free...if you can eat the whole thing (plus 2 pounds of fries) in 30 minutes. We take on the challenge.

Have you ever gone to McDonald’s, ordered a Quarter Pounder, and thought: “Gee, I could really go for 19 more of these”?

If that sounds like you, then you’re ready to take on the 5-pound burger challenge.

Held at the Main Street Saloon in Akron (1481 S. Main St.), the idea is pretty simple. If you can eat the whole 5-pound burger (topped with bacon, cheese, onion rings and barbecue sauce, all placed between a 12-inch bun) and the accompanying 2 pounds of french fries, in under 30 minutes, it’s free! They’ll even throw in a free T-shirt that will tell the world that you have a stomach that knows no bounds. Can’t eat it all in time? Then it’s $39.99, with complimentary take-home boxes. Just to prepare the patty in the kitchen is an ordeal in itself, and they request a 24-hour reservation on the meal, with a pre-paid deposit.

Local food enthusiast Christian Dela Vega chose to take on the food challenge, undaunted by its size, or the fact that he had never attempted an eating challenge before. What began with a lot of hearty chowing down slowed tiny nibbles by the 15-minute mark, but did he emerge victoriously? Check out his gastro-journey in our video that captured the whole thing.