‘Till death do they part…check out the real-life “Zombie Wedding” at Cedar Point

On Friday the 13th, September of 2019, six couples came together in a "Zombie Wedding" at Cedar Point amusement park.

Cedar Point is known for creating screams, whether they come from roller coasters or the haunted houses that spring up during their HalloWeekends celebration. This year, they added the sound of wedding bells.

On Friday the 13th of September, 2019 six real-life engaged couples tied the knot in a way that will be conversation fodder for the rest of their lives: at a Zombie Wedding.

Hosted by the theme park, this open-to-the-public event saw the couples saying “I do” (If we were the kind of news service that did such things, we would have written “I boo”, but we’ll contain ourselves) in front of the Town Hall in Frontier Town. Attended by friends, family and various minions of the undead, the outdoor event was a heartwarming occasion, as love brought people together…until death. Made over by the professional makeup staff of the parks HalloWeekends events, the recently wedded lovebirds looked stunning in various forms of decomposition.

Check out the events highlights in our video.

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