A cocktail that combines coffee, chocolate and vodka comes out predictably wonderful

Salt+ is a small plates restaurant in Lakewood that's combining three things you love into one wonderful and long-named cocktail.

Offering a person coffee, chocolate and vodka separately is wonderful enough. Putting them all into one drink is a wonderful thing to do for another fellow human being.

Salt+ a restaurant (17625 Detroit Ave, Lakewood) is a small plates and cocktail bar that’s been racking up awards for its constantly rotating, seasonal menu.  While the food is fresh and tempting, you’d be remiss to not get one of the concoctions from the bar.

With a name that you’d be hard-pressed to pronounce after a few, I’m Gonna Sit Right Here And Finish My Coffee is a very indulgent near-milkshake of a drink with a potent punch that comes just short of punching out your sweet tooth. Orange zest and bitters hold it back from becoming sticky, with a floral finish laying over the whole affair.

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