This color-coordinated, 1969 California home is for sale, is also insane

Buying a house can be overwhelming. You want to make sure it's in a good neighborhood, reasonable traveling distance from work, and that it's a place that you can really feel at home.
You may also want color-coordinated rooms, flocked wallpaper, and the feeling that you've been transported back to the 1970's every time you step through the door.
With this California home, you'll get all that and more.

Located in Palm Springs, California, this 3 bedroom home was built in 1969, and has been fully restored to full retro glory. Each room is not only decked out in wall to wall 70's paraphernalia, but has been themed to a specific color, like a Mad Men / House of Usher crossover.
The price? A mere $1,737,000 will put the keys to the front door in your hand.
Let's check out the house!

Welcome to your new home! Right off the bat, hope you’re okay with an amount of symmetry that makes everything look like you’re in The Shining.

Let’s call this The Green Room, for obvious reasons. It’s as though your great-aunt loved The Wizard of Oz, and it’s Emerald City time, baby. If you’re a sports fan, you could also pretend that the patterned carpet is a freshly-mowed field!

You could be in any den out of the 1970’s at this home’s bar area, if it wasn’t for the flatscreen TV on the wall. (Also, you aren’t in a den, because this is California.) Sure, the padded accents and chairs are amazing, but really, CHECK OUT THAT ALL ORANGE GUMBALL MACHINE.

Boing! Good morning, sleepyhead! It’s time to butter your bagel in the most buttery yellow breakfast room you’ve ever seen.


Ever looked at a photo and known exactly how everything would feel, just by looking at it? Shag rug, fake fur, velvet, quilting, this room is a tactile dream. Oh, and it’s very blue.


Studies have shown that the color green makes you hungry, a theory being put to the test in this mint chocolate chip dining room.

It’s really saying something when a huge inflatable swan is the LEAST outrageous thing in your home.

Over 10,000 children have been conceived in this hot tub.

You may be saying, “This all looks well and good, but does it have a big Dr. Seuss-style tree in the front yard?” The answer is in front of you!

To see the entire home for yourself, check out the realtor's Zillow posting. the realtor's Zillow posting.