How to create a Ping Pong Ball Popper out of toilet paper rolls

Craft time! Here's how to make a Ping Pong Ball Popper - assembled from toilet paper tubes, this little wonder will launch ping pong balls, marshmallows, you name it.

DUCK! Get ready to send ping pong balls, marshmallows, paper wads or whatever lightweight (and safe) things you can load into the Ping Pong Ball Popper across the room!

Made from two toilet paper tubes, a rubber band, and pencil or pen, it’s a simply constructed toy that is tons of fun to play with. To put it together, you’ll need scissors, a hole punch and some tape, If you want to decorate your Ping Pong Ball Popper, you can use colored paper, crayons or markers.

Watch our how-to video to make your own!

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