Would YOU drink this tampon-themed cocktail?

So you’re working at a local bar. You need to come up with a new drink, something with a hook, something Instagram-able, something that will stand out among all the other noise on the internet.

Inspiration hits. It’s dramatic! It’s something over half the population can relate to! It’s…a tampon applicator in a cocktail!

Created by Yuzu (13603 Madison Ave, Lakewood), an Asian fusion bar in the heart of Lakewood, the “Even Can’t Literally” is a berry margarita where a crushed blackberry turns metaphorical with a strategically-placed tampon applicator. Yuzu states that one dollar of each of the sales from the drink will be given to a local Cleveland women’s shelter (As yet unnamed).

As you might imagine, the drink special’s post has created a polarizing reaction on the internet. (Yes, EVERYTHING creates a polarizing reaction on the internet, but this reaction has been especially fast, okay?) Some of the reactions have been “Ew, gross.” Others have been “What’s so gross about it? It’s natural!”

Visual reactions to the margarita have gone in other directions, such as saying that the applicators could just be donated to the shelters, instead of stuck into drink glasses. Some people are concerned it makes light of the needs of the shelters. You are not going to believe this, but everybody has an opinion!

What do YOU think? Would you take a swig, or are would you abstain from the novelty garnish?

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