“Drink This” – A canned rosé wine that carries a big taste

Ritesh Signh of The Plum restaurant in Ohio City gives a rosé wine recommendation that you can take anywhere as a part of the "Drink This" series.

Several years ago, the idea of a canned rosé wine would have sounded like an act of desperation for the buyer. But gone are the days of boxed and canned wines being containers of sour-sweet grape juice. With companies like Essentially Geared out of California stepping up the quality, picking up a six-pack of wine is a viable option. It’s a great way to not feel obligated to finish a whole bottle of wine “because it’s open”. It also makes packing a picnic basket a lot less tool-intensive. Additionally, it’s a greener way to package wine, as recycling metal is a much easier process than recycling glass can be.

Ritesh Signh, bar manager of The Plum in Ohio City (4133 Lorain Ave) presents his canned wine of choice in this weeks “Drink This” video. Our Wednesday series chooses the best drinks to have in-season, and this rosé has a clean light finish that makes it a great warm-weather option. You can see Signhs’ creative skills as a mixologist in our past video.