The first look at Joaquin Phoenix’s JOKER movie looks incredibly intense

Even if you say you don’t know anything about comics or superhero culture, you know the biggest name in comic book villainy: The Joker.

Portrayed in wildly different ways by Caesar Romero (campy goofball), Jack Nicholson (Smooth and creepy), Mark Hamill (Slick and threatening), Heath Ledger (Twitchy Anarchist) and Jared Leto (Tattooed), now Joaquin Phoenix puts on the makeup as what is looking to be one of the most tortured and unsettling portrayals of the Clown Prince of Crime yet. The teaser trailer dropped today, and it looks, uh, very intense.

With an opening date of October 4th, DC is giving this film plenty of time to ramp up hype and pre-release buzz. (And most likely, Oscar-buzz for Phoenix, who looks frighteningly lean) With a supporting cast of Zazie Beetz (Atlanta) and Robert DeNiro (Goodfellas) in a decidedly broken-down and 1980’s New York vibe Gotham City, (and no Batman in sight, at least in this teaser trailer) this is going to be a take on the Joker like we haven’t seen on the screen before.