17 free spots where you can enjoy Lake Erie

Watching Lake Erie is a favorite pastime for those who call the North Coast home. So, where can you go (for free) and sit back and enjoy the sunset, watch the waves churn, fish or hike?

Gordon Park, part of the Lakefront Reservation on East 72nd Street is the perfect place to launch into Lake Erie.

We’ve compiled a list of places that are public. Go forth and enjoy.

  1. Sims Park, 23131 Lakeshore Boulevard, Euclid. The handicapped-accessible 250-foot fishing pier is a great place for a summer night. Sims Park is also the site of the Henn Mansion, built in 1923.
  2. Euclid Park, 1 Bliss Lane, Euclid. Euclid Park is flanked by 200-foot jetty structures, providing fishing access.
  3. Euclid Creek Reservation, Lakeshore Blvd. at 174th Street. The 68-acre park has all the amenities summer visitors need, including a 750-foot beach, a bathhouse, boat ramp, fishing pier, picnic tables, and playground.
  4. Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve, 8601 Lakeshore Blvd. Migrating birds, butterflies, reptiles and amphibians all call this nature preserve home. Take a walk through the woods and stop at the western tip for a scenic view of the lake.
  5. Lakefront ReservationGordon Park, East 72nd Street Fishing Access. Gordon Park contains a six-lane boat launch, grills, and picnic shelters. Fishing Access is located in the westernmost portion of the park.
  6. Lakefront ReservationEast 55th Street Marina. The marina is located on North Marginal Road just east of 55th. The park contains eight docks, picnic areas, and a 1,200-foot fishing platform.
  7. The East Ninth Street Pier, end of Ninth Street. Probably one of the most popular spots in Cleveland to watch the sunset, the 9th Street Pier has become a destination on warm nights.
  8. The North Coast Harbor, East 9th Street, and Erieside Ave. A public green space, walking trails and a spectacular view of Cleveland’s skyline are all available around the 53-slip public marina.
  1. Wendy Park, end of Ed Hauser Way (Whisky Island). Kayak access is a major draw for Wendy park that also features volleyball courts, a picnic area and a 1,440-foot paved pier that leads to the historic U.S. Coast Guard Station.
  2. Lakefront Reservation, Edgewater Park, Memorial Shoreway (US Route 6/US Route 20/Route 2). Edgewater has 1,000 feet of swimming access, a 200-foot handicapped accessible fishing pier and a great view of the Cleveland skyline.
  3. Lakewood Park, 14532 Lake Avenue. A swimming pool, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts and a Lakefront Promenade on top of a bluff are just a few of the amenities featured at this Lakewood location.
  4. Rocky River Park, 20250 Beach Cliff Blvd. A large playground, picnic tables, and grills are all available at Rocky River Park.
  5. Rose Point, Kensington Oval, Rocky River. Literally just a sliver of lawn on Kensington Oval, Rose Point provides an intimate view of Lake Erie with room to watch Lake Erie from one of the three park benches.
  6. Bradstreet’s Landing, 22400 Lake Road, Rocky River. In 1764 British Colonel John Bradstreet made an unscheduled stop at Bradstreet’s Landing. A sudden violent storm destroyed 25 of his 60 boats.
  7. Columbia Park, Lake Road, Bay Village. Climb down 67-steps to the beach and get a glimpse of a hidden waterfall.
  8. Cahoon Memorial Park, Lake Road. The 116-acre park is divided in wast and west sections both featuring plenty of amenities.
  9. Huntington Reservation, 28649 Lake Road, Bay Village. Plenty of hiking trails, a 2,432-foot long beach, and a winding creek make this a popular destination.