Get in the Dyngus Day spirit with these weird polka album covers

What else would you listen to on Dyngus Day, the celebration of all things Polish, than a upbeat polka playlist?
While you would never call the polka genre "self-serious", some musicians have really taken it to the limit.
Here's a selection of some of the strangest polka album covers through past eras that we could find.

Happy Polka 2 - James Last

James is really selling the whole “Happy” part of the “Happy polka”.

Wine, Girls and Goodtimes - Lil Richard & His Polka All-Stars

The fact that the girls that Li’l Richard (not Little Richard) is canoodling with look as though they are related to him takes this cover from “seedy” to “full on disturbing”.

Polkas Pa Echar Estilo - Los Forasteros de Monterrey

This is the only known attempt to combine the allure of a Bond girl, the grit of Fistful of Dollars, and the unabashed goofiness of polka music.

Tijuana Sauerkrauts

This is a real “You got your¬†braunschweiger in my salsa / You got your salsa in my¬†braunschweiger” situation. Polka goes South of the border!

The Great One - Whoopee John

Like Elvis, photographers could only shoot Whoopee John from the waist up, as he was deemed “too suggestive” to young girls.

Polka A Go-Go - Lil' Wally

Nothing like the exotic sounds of accordion music to bring out the go-go girls. Ladies, please! Lil Wally is trying to use the phone!

Mellodies of Dick Kossins

Unlike Lil Wally or Li’l Richard, there’s only one woman for Dick Kossins, and that is his puppeteer wife, Mabel.

Circus Polka - Eddie Zima & His Orchestra

This album cover has been designated a “cursed image”.

Dracula Cha-Cha - Bob McFadden

A cha-cha is not a polka, but when you have a horror movie soundtrack single featuring a rockabilly-haired vampire and the sub-title The Transylvania Polka, you can’t leave it off the list.

Nudist Polka - Carl Jularbo

When Carl sings the “Nudist Polka”, it’s a threat.

Polish Party! Adults Only - Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones

Get the kids out of the room! Eddie is singing about his love of giant, bikini-clad women!

Frankfurter Polka - Paul Kuhn & His Orchestra

Can someone tell Paul how to eat a hot dog? This photo wins the award for “Room you feel like you can smell by looking at it”.

I Received An Invitation to the House of the Joquina - Quim Barreiros

Somehow this isn’t a still from “Borat”, it’s a real photograph that adults chose to take and put on a record.