Have leftover Halloween candy? Put those sweets to use with this great idea.

It’s after Halloween.

Maybe you didn’t get as many Trick-Or-Treaters as you expected. Maybe you went a little overboard on the amount of candy you bought in preparation. Either way, you have a LOT of Halloween candy left over.

Looking into your plastic pumpkin full of sweets that were never given out, you try to figure out how long these will last. What’s the socially-acceptable amount of mini-Butterfingers you can eat in one night? But what about, instead of eating these candies one at a time, you could enjoy them all at once?

This is the concept behind Monster Cookies. The idea comes from the site Greetings From Kali, the blog of Cleveland content specialist Kali Fencl. The idea came from her and her husband buying an overly-optimistic 400-plus piece bag of candy to prep for Halloween (hey, it was on sale), and then staring down at a ton of leftover loot.

monster cookies 1
Image: Greetings From Kali

Rather than doling out a piece of candy at a time, they came up with an amazing idea: turn all that leftover Halloween candy into cookie batter. Thus, Monster Cookies were born. Simply freeze up the unwrapped candy for an hour, chop it up, and mix it into your favorite cookie dough batter.

Image: Greetings From Kali

The results: a candy store in a cookie. You could get a bite of peanuts and caramel from a melted Snickers, or cookie crunch with bits of Kit Kat. It’s a flavor lottery that makes sure you won’t get bored. (Are there people eating cookies in their apartments, yelling “I’M SO BORED WITH THIS COOKIE”? Let’s pretend there are.)

Give this grab-bag confectionery a try.  It’s so good, you may just mix it up no matter what the season.

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