How to make a Play Stage, and put on your own performances!

Here's a how-to craft video that will show you how to turn a simple cardboard box into a play theater where you can put on any performance you want!

The show must go on! If you want to stage your own performances, here’s how to make your own Play Stage out of a cardboard box. This is a “family craft” for younger kids. There’s a lot of cutting involved, so make sure an adult is supervising, or the designated cutter-outer.

You’ll need: a cardboard box, colored paper, paints, scraps, glue and anything else you want to decorate your stage. For your puppet “actors”, you’ll need small dowels, chopsticks, or anything else you can use to attach your characters.

Watch our how-to video and see how it’s constructed. Now it’s time to write that hit play and put on the performance of a lifetime. Start up a Zoom session for your Play Stage debut!

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