The Mummy and the Monkey are keeping horror movie hosting alive in Cleveland

Janet Decay (The Mummy) and Grimm Gorri (The Monkey) are living out their horror host dreams online and at their spooky thrift store in Cleveland.

There’s a long-standing tradition of local horror movie hosts in Cleveland. Ghoulardi, Big Chuck & Little John, The Ghoul and Superhost all created legacies sitting in front of a single set, commenting on movies from grade B to Z.

As long as people love bad movies, and people in costumes, the tradition will continue. Among the modern-day hosts are Cleveland’s odd couple The Mummy and the Monkey. Known as Janet Decay (The Mummy) and Grimm Gorri (The Monkey), their love of the genre has led them to host a streaming Facebook live movie show, where every Friday night at 10pm, viewers can watch a classic b-movie interspersed with the pair’s skits, interviews and general shenanigans. The show is also enjoying a limited-run broadcast on KOFY television in San Francisco the months of October and November.

Their newest venture, The Mummy and the Monkey’s Thrift Crypt (13349 Madison Ave, Lakewood) opened last year, and holds a curated assortment of vintage goods, local art, horror & Halloween novelties, and a corner dedicated to local interest and TV hosts, including Mummy and Monkey shirts, clocks, DVD’s and even perfume. While they might not be in costume, you can always see the duo filling the store with the latest finds.

Get a taste of the far-out monsters in our interview profile video, and tune into their broadcast Friday nights. You’ll be continuing a proud love of the weird that no tomb can contain.