Pack a better lunch box with these kid’s food picks

When it comes to packing your kid's lunch box, think beyond the PBJ. Our Taste Buds group gives their picks for a healthy and fun schooltime meal.

Packing a lunch box can be a challenge for any parent. There’s nothing like the realization five minutes before the bus arrives that you forgot to put a lunch together for your child, and will be eligible for a World’s Worst Parent mug if you don’t throw something together fast.

We had the hosts of the Taste Buds podcast give their picks for what they would pack in their (real or imaginary) kid’s lunch box. Jen Picciano of Cleveland 19 News, Dave Kocab of the Black Pig restaurant, and Matthew Mytro of Flour Restaurant all chose food that toes the line between fun and healthy.

You can check out the trio and other great chefs talking food and giving tips on Cleveland 19’s video podcast “Taste Buds”. The livestream broadcasts every Tuesday at 10 AM, on 19’s Facebook page, website or app.  You can also view the video podcast on Roku or Amazon Fire TV.