“Queens of the 9” brings glamour and drag to Downtown

Seven-foot tall drag queen Veranda L'Ni hosts a monthly drag variety show at the 9 Hotel that hosts lip sync, singing, dancing, game shows, and a whole lot of glitter.

While many people may get dressed up to eat dinner at the upscale hotel Metropolitan at the 9, few people get as dressed up as the entertainers of “Queens of the 9“.

Wearing stiletto heels, bright-colored wigs, plenty of pancake makeup, and glitter, glitter, glitter, “Queens” is a showcase of drag variety. Some performers are singers, some dancers, and almost all lip-sync-ers, the monthly show is the brainchild of show host Veranda L’Ni. Standing seven feet tall, and sporting a tiara that says “Fabulous”, she’s not hard to miss.

“Queens of the 9” will turn one year old this September, and while L’Ni is excited for the birthday celebration, she’s even more looking forward to the Halloween celebration. Not just because the holiday gives a reason for the already over-the-top show to be even more outrageous, but because Halloween was when L’Ni first officially donned the dress.

“Like any good draglet, I first dressed in drag on Halloween,” said L’Ni. “Some established drag queens saw me and said: ‘Why don’t you start performing?’ So I gave it a shot.”

You can get a taste of what the show is all about in our video preview, and purchase tickets for this Saturday’s show on the Facebook event page. The show begins at 9PM, and has a variety of ticket options.