See a painting created at the Cleveland Museum of Art…in 2 minutes

Japanese artist Miwa Komatsu created a screen painting at the Cleveland Museum of Art as a part of their current Shinto art exhibit.

As a part of the Cleveland Museum of Art’s current special exhibit, Shinto: Discovery of the Divine in Japanese Art, contemporary Japanese painter Miwa Komatsu was invited to create a live painting in the center of the museum’s atrium.

Entering in a white robe, Komatsu took to the space, facing a large golden screen that would act as her canvas. Lined up behind her on the floor were tubes of paint, calligrapher’s ink, brushes, mixing bowls and buckets of water. After meditating, Komatsu spent an hour creating her large-scale painting. Alternating between brushstrokes and her bare hands, the painting took shape. Her white robe, gradually becoming covered with her materials, became part of the piece in action.

After the work was completed, Komatsu thanked the audience, saying that it was the crowd’s energy that guided the content of her work.

While the painting is no longer on display, the ticketed event Shinto: Discovery of the Divine in Japanese Art is on display until June 30th.