The Soft Saler – A new cocktail with a taste from the 1800’s

In this edition of "Drink This", Sirjoon Elassl from the Spotted Owl shows how to create this crystal-clear aperitif-based cocktail.

At first glance, the “Soft Saler” cocktail might not look like much – it could be mistaken for a glass of ice water until you see the tell-tale shimmer of alcohol on it’s surface. But one sip, and you’re experiencing a drink that is brimming with flavors of botanical and citrus, stemming mainly from two sources: gin and Salers Liqueur.

Salers is the oldest liqueur on the market, having been produced in France since 1885. Made from gentian root, a flowering plant long-used for medicines, Salers is steeped in neutral spirit to extract flavor, then distilled with other botanicals, before aging in French oak.

In this week’s “Drink This” video series, we have our third collaboration with The Spotted Owl (710 Jefferson Ave), a cocktail bar in the Tremont neighborhood. Bartender Sirjoon Elassal shows off the build of the drink he invented, from the careful flavor building that culminates in a flash of fire

The Spotted Owl offers a unique bar experience, including the option to order from a “Cocktail Wheel”, where you can have a one-of-a-kind concoction based on your mood and preferred taste profile. With the Soft Saler, your mood is sure to be mellow.