Taco Bell is throwing reservation-only parties in 10 cities, including Cleveland

Taco Bell party

Some might laugh, but Cleveland can compete with New York in a lot of ways. Our world-class art museum. Our beautiful lakefront. And now, our ability to attend a “Party by Taco Bell”.

Recently announced by TacoBellParty.com, Cleveland is one of ten cities where you can reserve a weekend “party table” for you and up to ten of your friends. Gone are the days where you shamble into the Bell, bleary-eyed from vices at 1am, and here is the day where you can make an on-line reservation to eat at a table like a king or something!

Starting November 24th, you can go online and choose a¬†weekends-only 6:30pm or 8pm reservation at the downtown Taco Bell Cantina (200 Euclid Ave) location (Meaning you can order margaritas and/or beer). Waiting for you will be an EXCLUSIVE TABLE bearing Taco Bell-branded paper plates AND a table runner AND wedding photo-booth style “photo props” for $25!

taco bell party pack
From the “Feeling Electric” collection

Not food, you have to order that yourself.

“I WANT MORE PARTY STUFF” you may be screaming out loud in your home or office! Don’t fret, because you can order more than the pile of paper goods. You can also get plastic sunglasses ($12) in the shape of things like tacos and hot sauce packets. You only get three, so get ready to mediate the inevitable tension-filled moment where you choose who will go home with the novelty eyewear. Or spruce up your table with hot-sauce shaped balloons ($16) completing the feel of a 5th birthday party, except you are an adult that pays taxes and has a job.

taco bell balloons
Yup, this stuff too

We are personally way over-invested and excited about this new development, and will bring you a review of the experience when this new chapter in dining premieres. We’re number one!