Think you like to decorate? This North Ridgeville home has over 50,000 lights.

This house in North Ridgeville, Ohio lights up the neighborhood every Christmas season.

Starting in September, Bob Mangan starts unboxing the twinkle lights and whistling “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”. It’s all in preparation for him to transform his home at 34907 Cambridge Drive, North Ridgeville from normal cul-de-sac house into full-on Winter Wonderland.

Seemingly every inch of his property is covered in Santa-hat-wearing teddy bears, prancing reindeer, and Christmas tree after Christmas tree. He’s been decorating this house for around twenty years, and each year it just keeps growing.

The family is happy to welcome visitors, and Bob allows people to walk around his property all of December, from dusk until 10pm weekdays, Friday and Saturday until 11pm. Some special nights he even has live Nativities, and even Santa has been known to stop by. While Bob lost count of how many lights are on the house (eight years ago, it was over 50,000) and tries not to think about the electric bill (it goes up about nine hundred dollars), he keeps doing it both because of his love of putting displays together, and the joy it brings to others.

“I had hurt my shoulder this year, and it almost didn’t happen.” Said Mangan. “But people, at least a couple times a month will say ‘Hey, you’re the Christmas guy!’ It kept me going.” From little kids to grandparents, Bob’s house is keeping spirits bright.