Time out! This “Saved By the Bell”-themed Airbnb is a blast of 90’s

Do you dream of eating at The Max? Do you think of your friends as being a "Zack, Kelly or Screech"? You sound like the perfect person to stay at "The Slater", the "Saved By the Bell"-themed Airbnb vacation home.

The 1990-tastic house can hold eight people, and is located in Dallas, Texas. For only $150 per night, you can feast on sugary cereals in a brightly colored diner booth, gaze adoringly at the New Kids on the Block posters from your squiggle-sheeted bed, or zone out watching VHS tapes on the big-screen TV. For more stimulation, challenge your friends to a round of Super Nintendo or N64 games.

While hosts Jeremy and Kelsey has converted their 1934 duplex's upper unit into a 90's neon playground, the downstairs unit is a 1980's themed rental called "The McFly", because of course it is.

Dining Room

Take a break from homework at the diner booth, inspired by “The Max”: the Saved By the Bell crew’s favorite hangout spot. Marvel at the mysterious object called a “pay phone”.

Main Bedroom

This bed was made for you to gossip on the phone about your latest crush.

VHS madness

Look at the size of that screen! You can watch old VHS tapes of classic movies and shows, including (of course) Saved By the Bell episodes COMPLETE with commercials!

Backyard fun

Remember when playgrounds were made out of hot, scalding metal? Relive your childhood injuries with the old McDonald’s “Big Mac” kid prison!

Sleepover time

You won’t sleep a wink in the sleepover room! Bunk beds, video games and NO PARENTS!

Eat as much tooth-rotting junk as you want, you are on vacation!

You can check out The Slater listing on the Airbnb site , and make your Bayside dreams come true!