Upcoming documentary “Scream, Queen!” explores the hidden gay themes of “Nightmare on Elm Street 2”

Executive Producer of the documentary "Scream, Queen!" Matthew Chojnacki talks about the star of "Nightmare on Elm Street 2", Mark Patton. The film looks at Patton's struggle to work in Hollywood after starring in the "gayest horror film ever made".

When you think of a “classic gay movie”, you  probably don’t think of Freddy Krueger terrifying teens in the Nightmare on Elm Street series.

The second of the long-running Elm Street movies, 1985’s Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge is now considered a gay camp film, due to the underlying thematic elements, male nudity, and gender-flip of a lead role that would normally be held by a female protagonist.

The film’s lead, Mike Patton, was a closeted gay actor who had no idea that he was being placed in the middle of what would look like a gay panic film in its final edit.

The upcoming documentary Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street follows current-day Patton, delving into his struggles to overcome the movie’s backlash, as well as the homophobia that hovered over an AIDS-panicked 1980’s Hollywood.

Directed by the New York based duo of Roman Chimienti and Tyler Jensen, the project has taken on several forms throughout the years of production. Originally focusing primarily on the film’s themes and fandom, the film moved its focus to Patton when it became clear what a personal journey the Elm Street movie set him on.

We talked to Cleveland-based Executive Producer of Scream, Queen! Matthew Chojnacki about the film, and the challenge of reaching a wider audience with LGBT-themed films.

You can see a special advance screening of the movie at the Cleveland International Film Festival on Friday, April 5th at 9:40 PM, or Saturday, April 6th at 11:45 PM. For more details, and to view the film’s trailer, go to the event’s webpage.