We made ice cream with Bertman Mustard, here’s the result

Bertman Original mustard has long been a staple of the Cleveland Indians, and Cleveland dining in general. We make a Bertman-flavored ice cream, and let the 19 News staff try it out.

Bertman mustard. If you live in Cleveland, you know that the brown condiment is synonymous with ballgames at Progressive Field, and can be found at almost any cookout each Summer. But while the cities enthusiasm for Bertman is normally reserved for roasted meats and baked bread, can it extend to the realm of the desert tray?

Digging through the Bertman website, you’ll find a recipe for “Bertman Ballpark Ice Cream”. That’s right, mustard-flavored ice cream. It’s an idea so strange, we had to try it out.

The ingredients are very simple, basically milk, cream, sugar, cream cheese(!) and a healthy dose of mustard. (You can find the whole recipe here.) The result? Not bad, honestly. We followed the suggestion to include a caramel ribbon through the ice cream, but left out the peanuts. Caramel aside, the taste is sort of deep caramel, sort of balsamic reduction…it’s hard to describe, but it’s also certainly mustard.

We had to share this discovery with our office, so we had some of the Channel 19 news team sample the ice cream…but we had them try to guess the flavor. We only told them it was made with a popular local ingredient. How did they do with the big taste test? Watch and see.

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