Yellowcake Shop Clothing looks to the future with a final fashion show

Owner and founder of Yellowcake Shop Clothing Company Valerie Mayen continues to be a force in women's clothing. The Cleveland-based designer talks about preparing for her final blow-out fashion show, Hullabaloo.

Valerie Mayen, owner and founder of Yellowcake Clothing Shop Company, has had a storied career in fashion design and creation in only a little over ten years.

She creates her line handmade luxury clothing line for women out of her hometown of Cleveland, competed on Lifetime Televisions “Project Runway” for two seasons, operated a brick and mortar store in the Gordon Square area, and has overseen and directed one of the biggest fashion events in the city: Hullabaloo.

This Saturday, November 3rd, is the seventh and final year for Hullabaloo, with the theme being “Sweet Escape”. Fashions with a visual inspiration from candies, cupcakes, fruits and all other sweets. As an example, there is an ensemble of mauve pink “paper bag” pants, yellow citron lace top, and a patent leather purse in the shape of a lemon wedge, all of which bring together the idea of “raspberry lemonade”.

The idea came to Mayen after years of people assuming her business is a bakery. “Cleveland loves its food, we love our doughnuts and our cupcakes.” says Mayen “We don’t make cake, dammit, we make clothing. But why not be inspired by it?”

While this may be the last year of the runway show, she’s excited for how much time will now be free to further pursue other avenues in her business, as well as devote more time to her family. Her creations, known for their bold lines and diversity of function (Mayen wants women to be able to wear main line of pieces anywhere, from office to day care to a date night), are expanding in popularity and recognition. Her creativity and determination are just getting started.

You can purchase Hullabaloo tickets here.