The $1,000 rum – Black Tot is available again after 30 years

Would you pay $1,000 for a bottle of rum? Black Tot, a rum meant for the British Royal Navy, is available again after 30 years.

How much is a good drink worth to you? With Black Tot rum, the price may set you back, but you’re not just having a glass of rum – you’re drinking a piece of history.

Being a member of the British Royal Navy in the 1700’s was rough work. Hard labor, hard hours, and that’s if you didn’t get tossed overboard by the wild sea. To help brace the spirit of sailors, Her Majesty began issuing rations of rum with each meal. Known as getting your “Daily Tot” (ration) the brew that came from the British-colonized Guyana and Jamaica helped ease the nerves.

The tradition continued until one fateful day in 1970, when the last Tot, to be known as the “Black Tot” was given out. Now, after 30 plus years, the original aged rum is not only available to the public, but you can order a dram of it for yourself at Porco Lounge and Tiki Room (2527 W. 25th St., Cleveland). We’ve covered their food in the past, but Porco’s is well-know for their craft tiki cocktail creations, and extensive rum selections. Learn more about this historical drink from bartender Andy Knecht in this video that illuminated the Black Tot.