PUR Spices creates flavor and passion – without the additives

PUR Spices founder Sonya Patel had a problem: her children had food allergies, and every trip to the grocery store resulted in endless scanning of ingredients in the spices she bought. Why not eliminate the guesswork of all the additives found in many spices and blends, and create her own, all-natural flavorings?

Working with a simple and clean list of foods, Patel has created her own line of Indian-inspired spices with variants of harissa (a hot chili pepper based paste) and masala (a blend of aromatic ground spices). Patel is expanding the variety of flavors as the business grows. You can see what goes into making PUR Spices in our video, and check out the online store here.

Video by Bryan Robinson

Looking for more natural food resources? This business is saving food from landfills, one veggie at a time.

Zachariah Durr

Zachariah Durr

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