Magical 8-foot critters appear at Brite Winter Festival

Artist Jess Sheeran creates huge creatures for Brite Winter Festival 2022

CLEVELAND, Ohio (CLE WEEKEND) - The Brite Winter Festival returned to Cleveland with the amazing creations of local artists that help make the event the unique experience year after year.

Along with the extensive live music line-up, festival-goers can see the work of ice sculptors, fire dancers, muralists and installation artists like Jess Sheeran.

Sheeran is the head “critter creator” of Cool Critters, her line of hand-made plush artwork. Events like the Brite Winter Festival give her the opportunity to go from hand-held to huge, as she’s busy making 8-foot tall furry monuments. Decked out with shimmering jewels and disco ball eyes, these monstrous monoliths will flank the fur and sequin-lined pyramids she’s also constructing.

Watch our video to see her building process in the Ingenuity center, a home for artists to work together, prepping their Brite Winter artworks.

You can see it all in person for one big night - Brite Winter Festival takes place Saturday, Feb. 26 , from 3 p.m. until midnight in the West Bank of the Flats (1231 Main Ave). Admission starts at $5, with other levels of tickets available that include Brite Winter swag, heated tents, and VIP lounge access. Presale tickets are available here.

You can see highlights from the last Brite Winter Festival in our video below.

Zachariah Durr

Zachariah Durr

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