Classic video game hangout spot 16 Bit Bar + Arcade finds a huge new home on West 25th

1880 West 25th St. Cleveland OH — CLEVELAND, Ohio (CLE WEEKEND) -

West 25th’s entertainment district just got a major new player on the block.

Re-locating from it’s former modest home in Lakewood, 16 Bit Bar + Arcade (1880 W. 25th) now lives in a two-story, 700-person capacity venue. It shares the space with it’s sister company, Pins Mechanical Co., which specializes in duckpin bowling (You know, the little bowling pins on strings).

The new space has the now-ubiquitous “hip warehouse” feel, with neon 1980′s catchphrases and pop culture icons adoring the walls. Classic video game fans can breath easy - the 40 plus vintage arcade cabinets are still free play. No quarters or tokens necessary. From classics like Pac-Man and Space Invaders to cult classics like Burger Time and Robotron, you’ll be in pixel heaven. There are even Sega and Nintendo consoles set up for multi-player challenges.

Downstairs is pinball alley, where the machines skew newer, but with a diverse selection that includes a Big Lebowski machine, for the Dude-lovers in your life. The pinball isn’t free, but there are plenty of change machines ready to suck up your dollar bills.

The newest additions to the experience are the large-scale skill games. Duckpin bowling, skee-ball, dome hockey and giant Jenga blocks are all on hand. There’s even an indoor bocce ball court with artificial turf. Six bucks for a half-hour of bocce.

There’s no food (you are encouraged to bring your own take-out into the building), but there are plenty of drink options. 36 tapped beers, a full bar selection, and specialty cocktails. The cocktails run towards the sugary (there’s literally candy plopped in almost every one of them), but if you’re looking to re-live your childhood arcade experience, why not O.D. on sweets while you’re at it?

Speaking of kids, can you bring them along? The answer is yes, sometimes. Kids are welcome from open until 8pm each day, with weekends having special kids activities and non-alcoholic drinks and Slush Puppies.

The venue is open Monday to Thursday from 4pm - 12:30am, Fridays 4pm - 2:30am, Saturday 12pm - 2:30am and Sunday 12pm - 12am.


Zachariah Durr

Zachariah Durr

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