Lakewood first graders raise money for Ukraine

Lakewood, Ohio (CLE WEEKEND) - First graders at Grant Elementary School in Lakewood turned a lesson into a service project to help the people of Ukraine.

Teachers Jill Hayes and Jackie Gallik started teaching their students about what’s happening in Ukraine after a group of young students approached them.

“A group of students approached us about wanting to make a list of things they could do to support the people of Ukraine. They decided they wanted to raise money in some way.” Hayes told parents in a message. “We talked about Ukraine and the situation in broad terms.”

With the support of Principal Christine Foote, the two classrooms made up of 6- and 7-year-olds set out to create buttons to sell at $1 each during recess.

The first graders partnered with Rudy’s Strudel and Bakery.

The class donated the money raised to The Cleveland Maiden Association, which provides critical humanitarian aid to Ukrainians on the ground.

The students raised $723 as of Tuesday afternoon.

“We are so excited about how one idea from our students has turned into such an amazing service project,” Hayes said.