Napping at work? The Nap Experience wants you to do exactly that

(Gray News) - With many of us busy at work all day and dealing with stress, sometimes we just need to take a break or even better, a nap.

A couple in New York, Joel and Sandy Arcadipane, have created The Nap Experience to offer workers just that type of option.

Sandy Arcadipane said she found that after 15-20 minutes of sleep, she was re-energized, refocused and ready to face the rest of her day.

And after several years of planning, the two have brought their idea to life with a nap bus.

The bus is a travel trailer outfitted with five private, comfortable resting stations, according to the company’s description.

The trailer has warm fixtures and pictures from Buffalo, New York, where the bus is based.

Customers can reserve a 20 or 50-minute nap and the couple says the bus can meet those who make a reservation at a location.

The trailer is also available to park outside of a business and employees can come out on their breaks and rest, among other options.

The company reports it has received excellent feedback about its wellness power naps and relaxation experience.

More information about The Nap Experience can be found here.

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