Distillery makes crab-flavored whiskey to help protect ecosystem

(CNN) - Seafood fans may want to try out a new alcoholic drink from a Northeast distillery.

Tamworth Distilling has joined forces with the University of New Hampshire to create “Crab Trapper,” a whiskey that features the flavor of green crabs.

Officials said these crabs have been a terror to much of New England’s coastal ecosytem for more than two centuries.

They prey on other species, destroy their habitats and compete with their food sources, so Tamworth figured the best way to protect other underwater life forms was to take the crabs and turn them into a drink.

“Crab Trapper” is made with a bourbon base steeped with crabs, corn and spices. It is compared to a Lowcountry Boil.

This limited run of 200-milliliter bottles costs $65 each and can be found on Tamworth’s website.

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