Couple meets ‘Bennifer’ at Vegas licensing bureau

LAS VEGAS (KABC) - Las Vegas is still the wedding capital of the world, just ask Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

The Hollywood couple tied the knot in Sin City over the weekend.

It was a surprise to everyone, including a southern California couple, who had an impromptu road trip with friends and family to get married in Vegas.

While at the licensing bureau, Demetrius and Airika Visaya spotted the famous couple.

Demetrius Visaya said they were in line for about five minutes when Airika Visaya turned around and saw the couple come in.

“She was like ‘Oh my God, it’s Ben Affleck and J Lo,’” he said. “I’m like ‘You’re crazy, shut up.’”

Despite her partner’s disbelief, Airika Visaya was positive that the couple who had walked in was Bennifer.

“He didn’t believe me, but I knew instantly when I saw J Lo, like that’s J Lo. I knew her face,” she said.

Within a minute, the Visayas were right next to the famous couple.

“Standing right behind us, just like regular people,” Airika Visaya said. “And I was like nervous, like oh my god, that’s crazy.”

Demetrius Visaya was not as nervous and started up a conversation with Affleck and J Lo.

“We both said congratulations to each other,” Airika Visaya said. “He was like ‘Oh my God, you’re getting married too?’ And they said yes. They just seemed really happy it seemed like we were both in a rush because it was about to close at midnight so we both had last-minute appointments.”

The Visayas said they spent about 10 minutes talking to the couple.

They also said it took away any nerves they may have had since they were too excited about who they just met that they didn’t even think about their own wedding.

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