Infamous ‘murder hornet’ gets new name from scientists

(CNN) - Many remember the introduction of the “murder hornets.”

The bug with any other name would be just as terrifying, but it’s getting a new one.

The Entomological Society of America is now calling the insect the northern giant hornet.

People can continue calling it a murder hornet due to that being only a nickname.

The new name will be replacing the old one, Asian giant hornet.

Scientists say that name didn’t do much to identify the stinger, since all hornets are native to Asia.

They were also concerned it could stir up anti-Asian sentiment.

The world’s largest hornet got its horrific nickname due to its habit of decapitating honeybees.

It’s invasive in North America, but so far hives have only been found in British Columbia and a small portion of Washington state.

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