Baby rhinoceros ‘Dalia’ makes 1st public appearance at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s newest rhinoceros calf has made her debut to the public.

The recently-named Dalia, meaning “gentle,” made her first public appearance on Wednesday morning at the outdoor rhinoceros habitat.

“Dalia stayed pretty independent, which is kind of remarkable that she is so independent and wants to be outside,” Cleveland Metroparks Zoo animal curator Travis Vineyard said about the calf’s debut.

Dalia was born on July 9 to mother Kibibbi.

Vineyard said a calf typically weighs around 70 pounds at birth and gains approximately 10 pounds each week.

At last check, Dalia was up to 116 pounds and appears to be progressing normally.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo officials said eastern black rhinoceros are a critically endangered species with less than 750 living in the wild.

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