Akron Honey is sweetening Ohio with its urban beekeeping program

Akron Honey engages in a food process as old as time - beekeeping - to provide Ohio with raw, natural honey.

The bees buzzing in our flower beds aren’t just a sign that Summer has arrived, they are an integral part of the pollination process that allows plants to produce seeds, and keep our planet healthy. As an amazing bonus to this “circle of life”, we get a delicious by-product: honey.

The people at Akron Honey are transforming vacant lots in urban areas into bustling hives of activity by introducing beekeeping to the spaces. When the honey is extracted, it’s done without filtering or straining the product. The result is a raw honey that tastes totally unique to the area. Along with the traditional wildflower honey, they offer bourbon-barrel and “Habanero Hot” infused varieties.

You can order the local honey directly at the Akron Honey website, or check the site to see if it’s your local grocery store.

Video by: Brittney White

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