Blacksmithing? Glass blowing? If it’s art and fire, Larchmere Fire Works will teach you how.

Cleveland's Larchmere Fire Works offers classes in blacksmithing and glassblowing, giving first-timers a lesson in old-world skills.

Fire has fascinated people from the dawn of time, and made some of our species earliest tools and art. Larchmere Fire Works (12406 Larchmere Blvd, Cleveland) is keeping the ancient traditions alive today, and offers classes for anyone to learn.

Founded by Cassidy Anderson & Tina Haldiman, Larchmere Fire Works gives instructional classes in blacksmithing (the forging and shaping of metal), or glassblowing (the creation of decorative art in glass). Students don’t need any previous experience, just an enthusiasm for gaining new skills. Intermediate and advance level classes are also offered.

Whatever level or class you take, you’ll be taking a finished piece of your work home with you. From metal hooks to glass pumpkins, you’ll have a way to remember your experience. You can check out the different classes available at the Larchemere Fire Works website.