This “BTS Chicken McNugget” is about to sell for almost $100,000

Sure, you SAY that you are the number one fan of BTS, the Korean pop group with over 20 worldwide number one hits. You may have the limited-edition records, the signed photos, the locks of their hair…but do you own the BTS Chicken McNugget that looks like a video game character?

The backstory: McDonald’s started offering a “BTS Meal”, available now through June 20th. The meal is a 10-piece McNugget box, fries and Coke. What makes it a “BTS Meal”? It comes with “Korean inspired” Cajun or Sweet Chili sauces! (See? NOW you will feel like a millionaire pop star with great cheekbones when you eat it!)

Well, wouldn’t you know it. Some lucky McDonald’s patron in Draper, Utah ordered a BTS meal that happened to contain a mutant McNugget with two little nubs. Turn it a certain way, and it resembles a sprite from the massively popular online game Among Us.

In a collision of pop-culture worlds that only come along once in a millennia, this exceptional McNugget was put on eBay for the highest bidder. And it currently has 183 bids, with the price tag of…$99,897.

Sure, you may only be getting a hunk of chicken glob that got stuck in the McNugget machine a little too long. But did we mention it also will come with a packet of the Szechuan sauce that the internet lost its mind over in 2018? Not to mention the story that you can hand down to your grandchildren. “Let me tell you how I got this piece of chicken, AND went into crippling debt!”, you’ll say.

So try your luck! Scrape together that third mortgage on your home, and own a piece of what will doubtlessly be the most important artifact of 2021.

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