Cathy’s in downtown Cleveland is bringing luxury to the Ice Cream Sandwich

Cathy's is a gourmet ice cream sandwich boutique on Euclid avenue where you can create your frozen dream treat

It’s national Ice Cream Sandwich Day, that brilliant invention that honors the time-honored tradition of jamming two wonderful foods together. Cookies AND ice cream as part of the same bite can only be topped by one thing: rolling the sandwich in a third sugary thing. And that’s just the sort of forward-thinking in desserts that you can find at Cathy’s (401 Euclid Ave).

A gourmet ice cream sandwich shop in its fourth month located at the opening of the Old Arcade, Cathy’s offers the chance to create your own dream ice cream creations. With the build-your-option, you choose your soft cookie foundation (including chocolate chip, M&M’s, snickerdoodle, and ginger molasses) and ice cream (you can get vanilla and chocolate, but also white chocolate truffle and black cherry among others). Then choose to have it rolled in Oreos, Fruity Pebbles, toffee, rainbow sprinkles, pecans, caramel or chocolate sauce. Vegan options are available.

Cathy’s sandwich’s are $5.00, but if you go during their daily Happy Hour from 2pm – 4pm it’s only $2.50. Happy ICS Day!