Celebrate Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary with a butterbeer

Erie Island Coffee Company Butterbeer

Muggles, Patronuses, Butterbeer…none of these words meant anything 20 years ago, until author J.K. Rowling first published the first of what would be 7 Harry Potter books.

The boy wizard quickly went from being a British to a worldwide sensation, resulting in movies, theme parks, clothing, punk bands, and food. The food of Harry Potter has put fans on the quest to find or re-create the fantastical foods written about, from such delicacies as chocolate frogs (no real frogs involved) to Pumpkin Juice (that’s just what it sounds like).

The most prominent fictional-until-recently food talked about in Potter’s universe is Butterbeer, that frothy non-alcoholic favorite drink of Hogwart’s students. Those wishing to try the creation in the real world until now had to board a plane to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios,  but now you can find them much, much closer to home.

The Erie Island Coffee Company is offering their own take on the treat with their Butterbeer Frappe, allegedly from a recipe straight from a wizard. It’s a limited time offering, so you’d better hop on a broom and get there soon. Erie Island Coffee has two locations: East 4th Street in Downtown Cleveland, or in Rocky River at 19300 Detroit Ave.