Cinnamon-Chili Hot Toddy subtly spicy, warm and so easy to make

This is the perfect cocktail for chilly evenings this Hot Toddy is spicy-sweet and tastes a lot like the candy classic RedHots. What makes this version so special is the homemade chili-cinnamon simple syrup naturally sweetened with agave nectar (or maple syrup).  It will take about an hour to create the simple syrup, but it’s so worth it! Make a big batch and store it in the fridge, keeps for about 2-3 weeks. Any whiskey (rye, Irish, scotch, bourbon) is acceptable when crafting a Hot Toddy for this version bourbon is preferred.  We used a bourbon whiskey finished with hickory wood from Cleveland Whiskey.

Looks like we need more bourbon from Cleveland Whiskey! Ingredients for chili-cinnamon Hot Toddy.

Red Hot Cinnamon-Chili Hot Toddy

Chili-cinnamon Simple Syrup
  • 1 c. agave nectar (or other sweetener of choice; maple syrup, cane sugar or honey
  • 1 c. water
  • 1 dried red chili pepper
  • 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
  • 2 whole cinnamon sticks
Hot Toddy
  • 1/2 lemon (juiced)
  • 3-4 Tbsp chili-cinnamon simple syrup
  • 2 oz bourbon or preferred whiskey (TIP:  2 oz = 4 Tbsp)
  • Hot Water (to fill a mug)
  • Garnish with lemon wedge/cinnamon stick


  1. Add agave nectar, water, chili, cinnamon sticks, and red pepper flakes to a small saucepan and bring to a boil over med-high heat.  Reduce heat to low and simmer for 5-6 min.  Remove from heat and allow to steep for 30-1 hour (longer the better to allow flavors to combine).  Strain and pour into a glass jar for serving/storage.
  2. For a single Hot Toddy.  Add juice of half of a lemon, 3-4 Tbsp chili-cinnamon simple syrup, 2 ounces of bourbon, and hot water to top.  (TIP: use less water for a stronger drink, more for weaker)
  3. Allow to steep a few minutes before drinking. The cinnamon, lemon flavors become more developed if you take the time to allow this step.
  4. Garnish and serve.

To serve a larger crowd multiply ingredient by the number of drinks.


Enjoy Responsibly!