This Cleveland couple transforms their house every Halloween, and it is delightful

Think you go all-out with the Halloween home decor? This couple on Clifton Boulevard in Cleveland give their house a complete horror makeover each year.

Marija Lasic loves Halloween, and lets the whole neighborhood know. When October arrives, her home at 10317 Clifton Blvd transforms from your typical pre-war two story house into an over-the-top spooky celebration.

The house, which was built in 1920, is Lasic’s childhood home, where she now lives with her husband, Joshua Davis. For the past six years, they’ve thrown Halloween parties for their friends and neighbors, each year with a different theme. Each year, the themes grew more and more elaborate, to the point that now the house has become a holiday attraction for passers-by.

Davis is a¬†Fireworks company owner, who also works as a skilled carpenter, a talent that goes to good use when creating the large-scale installations he builds onto the house. The most locally “famous” is the year they built a funhouse exterior, where Davis built a roller coaster track that went from the roof to the lawn, complete with car and skeleton rider. While he loves creating the Halloween decor, his favorite holiday is Christmas, and has created enormous wooden reindeer to stand in front of the house.

This year the theme is “Joe’s Slaughterhouse”, which has turned the house into a run-down butcher shop where pigs and people are on the menu. Knife-wielding skeletons run after pink pigs across the lawn, with a decrepit “old” fence reigning them in. The rusty exterior metal sheets that cover the house are 100-year-old tin, the remnants of a broken-down shed owned by Davis’ grandfather.¬† Bright red signs showing sides of beef and winking pigs blink at night.

Inside, they get ready for the party, which will feature a whole roast pig, sitting the midst of bloody plastic dropcloths, meat cases and real vintage butchery equipment. “We have a lot of vegan friends coming,” Lasic laughs, “we prepared them for what they’re getting into.”

“We love families coming by to see the house,” she continued, “it means so much that people enjoy it.”